God, Please help

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What would I do if I was ten times bolder?

I must be depressed because I don’t even care. I want to care and I wish I could find the answer. Life has tossed me around this past year. Two of my hopes and dreams were far fetched…buy a house so we could get a puppy. Both happened. And now I live in an unfinished fixer-upper my new husband and I bought from my mom.

Please get it out

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God, I am worried. I want to stay off that path. The fork in the road of my brain is driving me crazy right now. I just want it gone. I want to go back to the worries being thoughts that flit around but never land. I don’t want a path of worry to exist right now.


I know I can trust You God to provide what I need and to direct my path. I know I am Yours and You guide me. I know You love me. I can trust that no matter what happens, You will…

We Need To Move The Fence So The Puppy Can Chase A Ball.

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In the grand scheme of things, this is not the most important thing to figure out. Talking about the yard and our future puppy was a fun distraction and we had a really great conversation. It was really fun to imagine a puppy running after a ball in the yard. Dreaming our dreams is good for our souls, especially right now with COVID-19 hitting our area of the world.

I am scared my husband is or will become a carrier of COVID-19 because he works retail. I am scared he or I will get sick in the next few weeks…

The Drive Home Was Our Celebration.

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Today we finished helping my mom move out and we started a few of the items on our task list because THE HOUSE IS OURS NOW!

Can you believe it? We have a beat up old house and it’s ours to fix up. It’s gonna take about three years. It’s our sweat and tears that will be making the improvements. This will truly be “sweat equity” creating “a labor of love”!


As we locked up and headed out to return to our current residence, we decided to take the scenic route. We drove the…

It’s Such A Struggle. Will It Ever Get Easier?

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I thought eating once a day would make everything more simple. There is less preparation and fewer messes to clean up. Less food is consumed. I enjoy each bite more. I am more thoughtful about what I will eat. When I plan a meal I try and make it enjoyable and nutritious. I add nutrient dense foods like chia seeds and vegetables. I choose fruit instead of empty sugary calories.


As a mother who raised four children on a very tight budget, food was always on my mind because…

My Brain Is Tired Tonight. I Need A Hug.

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My mom is moving out of her house and I am moving into the house. She has worked on that house for over two years. Many of the items can be left with the house because they were purchased to finish the house. So, the questions kept coming today regarding items that I may need or want. How can I possibly know what I am going to need in the next three years as we work on this house?


There are so many things I just don’t have answers to yet. We don’t even know where to put…

Joi Lake

My life is built on prayer and my relationship with God. I am a “Stay-At-Home Writer."

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